Saturday, August 1, 2009

some thoughts on this year's Costume Institute Gala

Somehow, I found my July Vogue still unwrapped this afternoon. I must have been busy in July!

I am not going to blah about many glamorous appearances here, as it was talked by millions of pages already.

Met gala is a much better party than Oscar when it comes to the eye candies on the red carpet, well, in this year's case, it was a zebra prints carpet. oh so sexy glamorous.

just before I turned over the pageful of major players' pictures, I saw a tiny picture of Zhang Ziyi's on the corner- the most unnoticeable place among the 2 pages.

And she was the only Asian face among Met gala pictures on the most prestigious fashion magazine!

wait a minute, I saw Vera Wang's face now... as a designer though. btw, her two gowns were lack of excitement to me.

Zhang Ziyi's Armani choice wasn't working for her either. The look fell flat for the party like that. She did not even look like she was confident in the picture.


  1. thank you for coming across my blog.

  2. So, is it true that she called off the engagement? I don't normally read those news..just once a while when I watch news. :P

    Well, I think she is doing her best in the show business and she is too young to be famous. She needs time to find herself!!! :) I mean life and style!!

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  4. I heard that too. she mentioned she was afraid of idea of marriage? but she used to say how much she loves a family and kids, etc.

    so people guessing the wedding was called off.

    but you never know.

    she is very hard working as i read. she got some really nice red carpet looks. this one in Met gala definitely fell short. since this is the fashion party of the year. where everyone was trying to stand out.