Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday is a Fun Day

we decided to go to the zoo again this morning. it was a hot day to be out and about. I was using a fan while walking. I heard some kids asked their mommies' why didn't i have a fan, mommy?' so funny...

a lot of animals were awake this time. we had a good look at them. they are beautiful. we are lucky to have them.

very unusually, i forgot to bring my camera this trip. a couple of pictures posted here were from a trip in June. ODJ i wore was a short BCBG skirt, Shopbop grey tank top, messenger style Coach bag.

I took a picture for one of our indoor plants while DH cooking dinner. The plant is here as long as we live in this house. it is planted in this gorgeous Chinese Koi (Japanese word for gold fish) pot. the wall art is completely hand embroidered, we got it from one of our trips to Shanghai.


  1. Hi Julia,
    Zoo souns a lot fun! It's been some time since I've visited Any zoo. But the last time at I was at the San Diego zoo I enjoyed a lot too.
    Love your outfit from your trip on June. May I ask what is the style # of your coach messenger bag? I love it. I have two in the bag version (no messenger style) but I'd love to be able to find the messenger style. Thanks!

  2. thank you Claudia. Zoo is fun. i am sure you will have a lot of opportunities to go to the zoo after you have a child. hehe..

    i got this Coach bag quite a few years ago. i checked out the style # i found inside the bag, it's L3Q- 9480. was lined with Coach signature fabric.

    i used to like it more when i was younger. now it becomes handy again, that i need to dress down and free both hands. :)