Friday, August 28, 2009

Home Improvement Project

Picture 1: the bamboo floor we are about to put down to replace the carpet they are sitting on.

pink long stem roses from our backyard;

Picture 2: Chanel PST

Picture 3: the outfit i wore to the mall 2 weeks ago.


  1. Hi Julia,
    The wood floor will be nice. We have something similar in our house, and it makes cleaning up so much easier, plus it makes the room look very attractive.

    Yes, I took some time off a while back. It was a nice break but am back at work again. Balancing work and home has been challenging from time to time, but it passes quickly so I am starting to enjoy it more this time around.

    Have a good weekend with your family!

    - Peachbaby

  2. Peachbaby-

    yes, totally. for all kinds of reasons, wood floors are much better than carpet. i dont know what i was thinking when i decided to put down the beige color carpet 6 years ago.

    it must be good to go back to work. i would feel bored if i dont work or raise kid(s). i wish i could go back to work soon.

    thank you for visiting
    wish you a great weekend too!